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Welcome.. AKC's Newest Breed!

The immediate ancestor of the Toy Fox Terrier is the larger Smooth Fox Terrier. The original Fox Terrier breed standard was written in England in 1876. The size of the breed at that time was 18 to 20 pounds. Owners of these brave little dogs found that the smallest, which they called "runts", were the scrappiest of the bunch. These little dogs were prized for their temperament. Smaller dogs were developed and eventually were found in the seven-pound range. The United Kennel Club began registering the Smooth Fox Terrier in 1912. Between then and the mid-1920s, the Toy Fox Terrier was developed, being a miniature of the previous breed, however they were still registered under the name of Fox Terrier (Smooth). Those dogs appear almost identical to the dogs of today. It was not until February 24, 1936, that U.K.C. began registering the Toy Fox Terrier under its current name. The Toy Fox Terrier is self-possessed, spirited and determined. They are energetic, lively and strong for their size. They are not easily intimidated by other pets. Most are comical, entertaining and playful all of their life, which is generally long in comparison to many other breeds. They are friendly and loyal to their masters, yet protective. As a rule they are easily trained and adapt well to showing in conformation and obedience.


Make sure to watch for these little guys in the AKC miscellaneous class.  Soon to be in a class all of their own!!

Our Newest TFT!  Cobrie's Rude Dog... "Rudy" (Grandpa named him) is a wonderful little boy full of the TFT attitude, wonderful conformation and a great pedigree!  Rudy is tri marked with an all white body except for one black spot on his back.  We will have pictures of Rudy posted very soon.


The queen of Cobrie Toy Fox Terriers!
Cobrie's Nightsong of Riverview "Cricket"
Seen here sitting in her stroller wearing a tiara and a doll dress.  Yes, she IS all that!!!


Bath time!!!
Cricket and Cobrie's Knick Knack (Nikki)


Special Note:

Cobrie's Chickadee of Riverview (Chic) at 6 weeks old.  Now with her new Mommy and Daddy, happily traveling in Texas!  We miss you Chic!  But we are very happy that you have such wonderful new parents!
The All American Chick and Dad!
Chickie with Mom in Texas.