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Cobrie Collies
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Our Collies

A few of our "couch potatoes"!


And then there is Sam!  Sam is doing what he does best, steals the kids' blanket and decides it is his.  Sam is a ninety pound lap dog that takes up half the queen size bed.  On the other hand, Sam is very protective and doesn't mind letting the door-to-door salespeople know that.  Sam is getting ready for the obedience ring, but prefers to squeek his 'ducky', eat everything in sight and 'plunk' where ever he chooses.  He was unwanted by his previous owner, but he sure is wanted here!!


Cobrie's Simply the Best.. 'Tina', was named after Tina Turner because she has so much energy and spirit. She has 4 points toward her championship, but we quit showing her due to her lovely pricked ears. Tina is now four years old and the daughter of Jewel (see the tribute to Jewel). We have been working on obedience, but will take some time out to be spayed. Tina, like her mom, is sassy, has an abundance of energy and very bullheaded, but that is our Tina and would not have it any other way!! She is very smart and animated, again like her mom, which makes her a joy to live with, at least good for spontaneous laughter. 


Here is Tina again, at 4 years old.  Once a show dog, always a
show dog!  She is a total doll and what a Mama's girl!!

Our Current Show Dogs....

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