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Available to approved homes only!


As with most breeders/show people, we will have an older puppy or adult Collie that was one of our hopefuls.  However, not all dogs grow out to be show quality or wish to show at all.  In order to work toward the betterment of the breed, we need to place these dogs into approved homes.  As much as we would like to keep all of them, it is not fair to the dogs or to people who would love to own a Collie.  We put our best foot forward to match the right dog with the right owner.  In order to do this, we ask a lot of questions about you, your family and lifestyle.  Please know this is only to better the chances that you will get a life long friend and our dogs will be placed in the best possible home.


We do not have anything available at this time. 

Thank you for checking!


The only thing better than owning a Collie, is owning two!!