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Cobrie Collies
In Loving Memory of Katie
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A Tribute to Jewel
In Loving Memory of Katie

Katie, CGC (Cobrie's Greatest Collie)


This was our beautiful Katie!  She was our first collie we speak of on the home page.  She was not registered, but worth a million bucks, because it would have taken more than that to get her away from us!!  Katie was our foundation collie, the foundation that started the love for this breed, that is!  Katie had only one job and that was to love everyone that stoped by and she did her job well.   She obtained her CGC and was more than eager to do anything that was asked of her.
Katie lost the battle of old age on May 30, 2003.  We can not tell you how much she meant to us and all that she gave.  For 14 years she was our motivation to breed for better genetics, and for the rest of our lives, we will hold that movitation close to our hearts.    In her honor, we will never sway from producing and showing genetically sound dogs.  If you were to have meant Katie, you would understand.
She is missed so much!!  The memories of this furry puppy that watched TV with the kids,  the teacher to all dogs that came and went, grandma to all four legged creatures, will echo from heaven to Cobrie Collies.
Thank you Katie for all the unconditional love and lifetime of memories you gave.  Walk on with Jewel, in peace, and wait at the gates for your family to come home!

Katie and her soul sister, Jewel
Now, together again!